Online gambling is the most popular Internet entertainment in Australia, and pokies are its main treasure. It’s impossible to imagine a modern casino without a variety of slot machines, offering a simple and exciting gameplay. Everyone can find the right kind of activity here. However, most gamblers want not only to enjoy playing online slots, but also to get real money. If you are among their kind — we have a few tips that will tell you how to win at pokies.

Ultimate winning strategy for pokies

Let’s start with the main thing — it does not exist. Each spin of the random number generator creates a new combination that is not related in any way to the previous ones, so your chances are always 50/50. Don’t believe the fables that are posted on blogs and theme forums. If someone had succeeded in inventing a new way to win real money in online pokies every time they spin, the casinos would have been bankrupt long ago. And then — what kind of excitement can you count on if you already know that you are going to win? Unpredictability is the main factor for which many people love gambling! So let’s put the dreams aside and talk about how you can really win at online pokies in Australian casinos in 2020.

Tip #1: Learn pokies RTP

RTP, or Return to Player, is a technical parameter that is set by the developers for each pokie, both in online casinos and in land-based gambling halls. This value shows the percentage that will be returned by the slot from the total amount of bets made at all times by all the players who tried to win real money at it. So, in theory, if you placed on online pokie with 92% RTP bets on $100 — in the end, you should expect that at least $92 will return to your account.

So what’s the benefit?The fact that this figure applies to the whole working period of online pokies. Slot multipliers and bonuses, thanks to which you can win real money, can not only return 92%, but also increase your bet in a few thousand times. The more players choose a particular online slot for real bets, the higher the total refund that it will pay out sooner or later. And who exactly will be the lucky one — decides the case, or to be more precise — the random number generator. So the higher RTP at the online pokies you play — the more probability to win the jackpot and get money to your bank account. For online casinos, 95% is considered a good value, and 96% or higher is a perfect level. Many sites and developers release free RTP information, so don’t be lazy to spend a few minutes and find it — it will increase your chances!

Tip #2: Learn pokies volatility

Another technical feature, which is used by experienced gamblers. It is called differently — volatility, dispersion, risk level — but the essence remains the same. This parameter determines how often, and in what proportions, you will win real money by playing online pokies in Australian casinos.

The volatility of the slot machines offered by the casino is divided into three types:

  • A high level means that the selected pokie will be less likely to produce winning combinations, but each successful spin will bring you more money;
  • A low level, on the other hand, means constant winnings, but with small payouts;
  • The average level — we think it is self-explanatory.

Why do you need to know the volatility for winning online pokies? Because when you know the settings, you can choose the slots that suit your game style. For some players it’s important to win real money all the time, feeling excited and getting the result from the chosen online pokie here and now. Others are ready to accept a series of unsuccessful spins, sacrificing them for the big win. Which style is best for you? The choice is yours.

It’ s harder to find out the volatility than RTP — not all providers and online casinos specify this option in slot descriptions. However, we have Google for such tasks. Look for information about the pokie you like, and if it meets your expectations — make sure it brings you a big win!

Tip #3: Play with a high ratio

In fact, this is simple arithmetic. The bigger the bet you make in an online pokie, the bigger the amount you’ll get in case of winning. And on a long distance, a high value strategy will always bring you more. However, don’t forget about the size of your bankroll, as well as the volatility of the selected slot. For high volatility types, there is a chance to spend some money before the pokies finally give you the right combination of symbols.

Tip #4: Try pokies with progressive jackpot

Who wants to become a millionaire? Perhaps, everyone — well, except billionaires. The maximum multiplier in regular pokies usually doesn’t exceed x10000, so even if your bet is $10 (which is a rarity), it’s unlikely to win a million. This can be fixed by online slots with progressive jackpot — a special category of pokies, where in addition to the main awards, you can also win an extra bonus. The prize pool is constantly growing — it is formed by a small percentage from all bets made by all casino customers, players from a certain region or even from around the world. Consider that in order to win a progressive jackpot, you will usually need to make the highest possible bet — but if you are lucky, this little thing is unlikely to spoil your mood.

Tip #5: The simpler, the better

Modern online pokies differ from their predecessors. Bright graphics, 3D animation, a variety of bonus rounds, additional options that you can buy for a fee. However, practice shows that the probability of winning real money in such slots is usually lower than in the good old 3- and 5-reel pokies. Many experienced players are sure that the fewer symbols and reels there are, the better the chance of collecting the right combination for the jackpot. However, if you are attracted to new things, and the diverse gameplay is as important as the chance to win — choose online pokies for your own taste.

Tip #6: Play pokies for free

By free game we mean two possibilities at once. First, most online casinos offer the opportunity to test free pokies in a demo version, where instead of money you will win virtual credits. This allows you to learn the gameplay features, deal with bonuses and figure out whether to choose a specific slot for the big game. Secondly, don’t forget about casino gifts — many Australian sites offer free spins for mobile phone registration or for making a deposit. Use the free offer to win real money and increase your bankroll!

Tip #7: Do not expect the slot will owe you

Once again: each combination in online pokies is calculated by a random number generator. This means that the chances of winning every next spin are 50/50. There are no programmed hot and cold streaks in pokies! If you think you’ve won a large amount of money in a casino just because you’ve lost several times in a row before, you’re probably just caught a pokie with high volatility. And that doesn’t mean that the next series of defeats will definitely end up with the same big win! Of course it will, but it’s impossible to predict when, so don’t dwell on the series, and don’t expect the pokies to owe you.

Tip #8: Try to play with the coins

Coins are one of the reliable ways to control your bankroll. In fact, it is the ability to convert your money for the game with a maximum number of lines and less expenses.

Let’s suppose that the online pokie that you liked allows you to bet on 20 lines. You can use 100 coins at 0.01 AUD, using all pay lines with several bets at 0.05 AUD, and spending only one dollar in total. The final rate will be much more profitable in terms of value than if you traditionally put $1 on one line. This not only increases the probability of winning on each spin, but also increases the probability of paying a larger amount, as you can get 20 winning lines on one spin.

Tip #9: Don’t forget to stop in time

Online gambling is first of all entertainment. Remember this, even when you’re looking to win real money by playing the best online pokies in Australian casinos. Evaluate your bankroll when choosing your strategy and betting size. You don’t have to chase your luck, trying to win back at any price — sometimes it can cost you not only money, but also fun from playing. The easiest option is to determine the amount of money you are ready to spend on entertainment in advance, and always stick to it, no matter on whose side is luck today.


Well, that’s probably it. We hope that our tips will help you get the most out of playing in modern casinos. Remember — you can always win at online pokies, if you keep a good mood and stick to your chosen strategy. Good luck!