Online Scratchies Australia 2020

Lotteries, better known among Australians as scratchies, can be considered one of the most underrated types of gambling. The tradition of buying Scratch tickets is much longer than the oldest online casinos, but not every service today is ready to offer such entertainment. You can play online pokies, card games, roulette and even the wheel of fortune without any problems, but finding quality online scratchies is not so easy as it seems. However, the most reliable and popular Australian online casinos will always offer several games with scratch cards, allowing you to try your luck in an original way.

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Types of Scratchies

If you’ve ever visited a gas station or the nearest supermarket, you’ve probably seen that there are a variety of sorts of scratchies at the cash desks. There are regular news reports about lucky people who won the Jackpot in the Saturday Lotto or Powerball and became millionaires without much effort. But lottery tickets are popular not only offline — Australian players can enjoy different types of online scratchies in virtual casinos.

The standard format of scratchies offers a 3×3 field, which has closed cells. As in a case with pokies, for getting a benefit you need to gather a combination of three identical symbols. You can erase the cells by clicking on the row and column at your own discretion. The key factors — intuition and luck — are your main allies.

If this type of format looks too simple — there are also more complex, but at the same time more interesting options. Scratch Match — a mode, where for each round is determined five winning numbers. Game card field has 20 cells, and you need to find identical values among them. The more cells you open, the higher the chance to win — but the size of the bet increases proportionally. Thus the prize sum fixed to each number is determined randomly. Sometimes it is enough to open one matching number to pay off the entire bet amount. You can play online scratchies in demo mode to better understand the rules and choose the best winning strategy.

For players who don’t want to waste time opening each card field in sequence, the instant scratch feature is available. Just click the button to make the system automatically open the available cells and determine the amount of your winnings. However, if you play scratchies not only for the benefit, but also for your own pleasure, it is better to stick to the classic gameplay.

Where to buy online scratchies

The popularity of scratch games in Australia almost excludes that some of the online casino clients may not know about this type of gambling. In normal life you buy lottery tickets at gas stations or newsstands, but with the development of technology this opportunity became available on popular sites. Game format remains the same — you can buy online scratchies, and immediately find out the amount of winnings from a particular ticket.

Thanks to the reviews provided by the team, finding the top sites where you can buy scratchies online won’t be a problem. Unlike traditional lotteries, here you don’t have to wait for the results of the next draw — casino games, which belong to this category, allow you to open one or more cards at once. Use your laptop, tablet or phone to enjoy the gameplay and win real money!

Despite the fact that for Australian gamblers the most popular type of gambling entertainment is online pokies, the presence of scratch software has already become a mandatory feature for the top casinos. It is important to consider that not all sites presented on the Web, operate legally. Fraudsters are always trying to get your money without giving anything in return, so you should carefully choose the service.

If you are planning to buy online scratch tickets, check the license of the casino. Regulatory organizations control the activity of legitimate sites, excluding the possibility of cheating. High-quality software must meet the stated technical parameters, provide a certain percentage of refunds to players, and work without any failures. Choose reliable payment systems that eliminate the possibility of identity theft in order not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk. The Auspokies team is always ready to help you find a legal online casino that guarantees fair play.

How to play internet Scratchies

The gameplay of casino scratch games has a minimal entry threshold. It is easy to understand the rules — even if you have never played online casino before. Like most types of gambling, online scratchies are based on luck, and allow you to instant win real money.

If you want to play scratch games, first you need to choose a suitable service that offers this option. The selection criteria, which are used by in making the ratings, include:

  • Availability of licensed software for playing scratchies online;
  • Reliability of casino banking and availability of popular payment systems;
  • Quick technical support;
  • Ability to use mobile devices.

After you choose an online casino, you need to go through the registration procedure, indicating and confirming your personal data. If you do not plan to play for money at once — you can postpone this stage, using the demo version of scratch cards. It should be noted that many sites offer welcome bonuses, which can be spent to buy scratch tickets without investing your own funds.

The main gambling activities are card games, slots and roulette. Lottery games, as a rule, are presented in the «Others» section. Select your favorite application, and run it on your device to start the game process.

The standard interface includes buttons to adjust the size of the bet, allowing you to vary the amount from $0.10 to $20, and in some cases — up to $50. The current ticket participating in the draw is located in the central part of the screen. You can open the cells in sequence, or use the «Instant» button. If you scratch a line with identical symbols — the won sum will be automatically credited to the game account according to the established odds.

It should be noted that playing online scratchies, you significantly increase your chances to win money. In contrast to classic lotteries, the cost of creating and maintaining virtual scratchies offered by the casino is much lower. Winning odds reach up to 1:3, which allows you to earn large sums without much effort, with a return rate of about 95% — almost the same as in popular online pokies. In addition, you can use various bonus offers from casinos, as well as win a fixed or progressive jackpot — depending on the selected site.

Scratchies is a great option for those who are tired of the usual gaming activities. If you want to try your luck and feel the excitement, but are tired of the usual spinning reels in the slots — choose the classic scratchies. Select the appropriate mode, whether it’s a demo version, instant card opening, or a sequential process, and enjoy the gameplay while winning real money. If you have any additional questions or technical difficulties, you can always contact the casino support team and ask for help.


What are online scratchies?

It is a classic type of gambling based on the lottery system and adapted for modern online casinos. Playing scratchies, you can win large sums instantly, immediately proceeding to the next lottery drawing.

How do I play scratchies?

Select the appropriate section of games in the online casino lobby, and run the suitable application. Set the size of the bet and the number of available cells, and start to open the card fields, collecting a combination of values that match each other or the winning line.

Is it possible to use bonuses to play Scratchies?

Some casinos provide such an opportunity. You can spend money from your bonus account to buy tickets and convert the won amounts into real money.

Why should I play online Scratchies?

It is a popular kind of gambling entertainment that can bring you pleasure and impressive winnings. Simple rules of the game and the minimal entry threshold determine the popularity of scratchies among Australian players.

Is it possible to open the whole ticket instantly?

Yes, you can use the «Instant» option to open all fields of a purchased ticket and see how much it will add to your bankroll. However, it should be noted that in this case you will limit your ability to enjoy the full game process.

How are the values of the game fields distributed?

For each new drawing, an automatic ticket generation system is used, based on the random number generator. The concept of the game is based on luck and chance, so you can be sure of the honesty of the licensed online casino.

Can I win the jackpot by playing online scratchies?

Yes, some types of scratchies provide such a possibility. You can win a fixed or progressive jackpot by collecting a certain combination within a single ticket.