Online Baccarat play in Australia

Casino card games are especially popular among experienced gamblers. The reason is simple — winning chances in these games depend not just on luck, but also on the skills of the player. If you want to use a strategy that will bring a stable profit, online baccarat can be a great choice.

Baccarat online Lobby

Baccarat is based on the concept that allows you to gain an advantage through the analysis of each handout. Evaluating the cards in your hand and calculating the possible number of points for your next turn, you can increase your chances of success. Unlike online pokies, where each next combination is determined by a random number generator, the number of cards in the deck is limited. This means that you can control the situation and manage the bankroll.

Be smart: carefully study the rules of the game and choose your strategy. It will help you to evaluate the advantages of the exciting baccarat online gameplay.

Types of Online Baccarat

Many types of baccarat have been created over the years. Unlike the classic casino games, played worldwide in gambling halls, the choice of virtual entertainment is much wider. Aussie online casinos offer you to find a suitable option with the help of demo versions. Thanks to them, you will not spend your own bankroll while learning game rules and testing chosen methods.

Modern online casinos tend to include several varieties of baccarat in their list of available games.

Three Card Baccarat

This option is popular with Asian players. The rules apply when one deck with 52 cards is used, and they slightly differ from the classic version. Both sides get three cards each, the one whose combination contains more face cards wins the bet. If the numbers are equal, then the additional points are counted according to the established rules.

Chemin de Fer

French version of baccarat, distinguished by the number of available winning combinations. The game participants are placed in random order. Six card decks are used for distribution, and the players themselves make all the deals. In addition, a player can save an existing combination or take an additional card, when the current sum of points is five.

Punto Banco

One of the most popular variations widely played by American and Australian gamblers. The rules don’t differ from the classic ones. The banker deals and the players can make several types of bets. This form of the game can be found at almost every popular online casino.

European Baccarat

The main difference between this version and the previous one is the banker’s ability to make a decision about drawing the third card independently. In addition, as in the case of Chemin de Fer, the player can save the existing combination or take an additional card in cases where the current amount of points is five.

Baccarat en Banque

Another kind of popular card game where the player plays two hands at once. You can bet only on the player, placing a bet on the banker is not allowed by the rules.

Rules of online Baccarat

It is easy enough to play online baccarat. The basic rules are very clear: bet on the Player, draw or Banker, and wait for your hand to win. Many gamblers are trying to guess the next move in online baccarat, basing on previous draws. To do it successfully you have to know card distribution rules and an estimate of their value, equivalent to the points awarded. When choosing the type of baccarat, take some time to study popular strategies.

The name of the game, translated as «zero» or «nothing», is a reference to the number of points that the player receives for tens and cards from Jack to King. When you are counting points, take into account only aces (1 point) and cards with numerical values — from two to nine. The maximum hand limit must not exceed nine points, otherwise 10 points will be deducted from the total amount. That is, if you have collected a combination of 3-5-7, then the sum of your hand will be evaluated as 5, because 15-10=5.

At the first move of each turn in online baccarat the player receives two cards turned over by the dealer. If the sum of your hand does not exceed 5, another card is given out (but in some versions the player can refuse to take it). The combination of 6-9 points remains unchanged, and the hand with 8 or 9 points brings the victory automatically. Exceptions are the cases when the dealer gains an equal or greater number of points.

According to the rules, an online baccarat banker also receives two cards, and gets the third if the count of points is lower than 7, 8 or 9. In addition, if the sum of the first two cards varies from zero to three (for example, two dozens), and the player’s hand has gathered 8 points, the third card is also not dealt. The banker’s advantage is in the sequence of distribution — according to the professional players’ estimates, when receiving the second card, the dealer wins in more than 50% of cases. It should be noted that when you place a bet on the hand of a banker, many casinos take a commission of up to 5%.

Baccarat Software Providers

Modern online casinos offer players popular slots, developed by leading software providers. You can find the right kind of baccarat by browsing the card games section or by using the search option on the site.

Online baccarat has long been one of the most popular types of gambling for Australian players. Low house edge, clear rules and a fascinating process guarantee a pleasant pastime. You can play baccarat from leading providers of software, using a mobile gadget or a PC desktop.


The main version offered by Microgaming is the mini baccarat. This is a game with low betting limits, which allows you to win big. The application interface enables you to make instant bets on the player, banker or draw, according to the standard rules of the game.


Another popular software provider, which offers the opportunity to play baccarat with progressive jackpots. This is a unique option, that can bring you several thousand dollars in one turn even with a minimal bet. The winning combination ensures both the dealer and the banker to have the same color eight and ace in both hands.


Evolution provider specializes in organizing online games with a live dealer, which allows players to feel like they’re in a real gambling hall. Broadcasts are conducted in real time — there is no possibility of card fraud, so you can focus on your own strategy.


A supplier offering high payouts at bets placed on a draw. This option reduces the house edge, but does not override the advantage of betting on a particular hand — primarily because of the mathematical probability of such an outcome.

Baccarat with live dealers

This game mode organized with the help of real dealers is becoming more and more popular. Despite the availability of licenses, not all players trust the gambling software. Live Dealer online Baccarat is a great opportunity to enjoy casino games without leaving your own home.

As with classical applications, the services offer a choice of several baccarat tables. You can choose the appropriate option evaluating the HD broadcast quality and the convenience of the interface. The value of the human factor in card games is much higher. When you play baccarat with a live dealer, you can always ask a question or maintain a pleasant dialogue. At the same time, you should keep in mind the fact that the online game does not allow you to take a pause during the next distribution. If you want to play Baccarat with Live Dealer — make sure you’ve found some free time and you won’t be distracted.

Online Baccarat Odds and Strategies

Winning at an online casino is easy enough — you just need to learn the rules and strictly follow the chosen strategy. However, the element of chance allows even beginners who play baccarat for real money for the first time to win. Especially since many services offer favorable odds to get big winnings.

The main advantage that distinguishes baccarat from the other types of card games is the ability to bet not only on yourself, but also on the banker. This is a rare option that can help you stay profitable for a long time.

If you play baccarat at popular casinos in Australia, your bets are usually if three types: on the player’s hand, on the banker’s hand or on a draw. According to statistics, in the first case the probability of winning is 44.6%, in the second — 45.8%. At the same time, the house edge is equal to 1.06%, and the amount of payments at the winning rate is 1:1.

The most tempting option is to bet on a draw. The probability of such an outcome is only 9.5%, but the amount of payments for a successful forecast will multiply your bet by 8 or 9 times. In the first case, the casino’s rate will be 14.40% (not the best option), while in the second — only 4.85% (much better).

Every experienced player who loves card games, such as baccarat, will always have useful tips. However, not everyone is ready to share them, so we will do it for you.

The winning strategies for baccarat games are based on a mathematical evaluation of the probability of each outcome. The easiest option is to always place your money on the banker’s hand. Playing long enough, you can keep the bankroll within 5-10% of the initial amount, and if you play well, you can also hit the jackpot. This tactic may seem a little boring, but it can minimize the casino’s advantage.

Many novice gamblers are trying to guess the outcome of each next turn. Such an approach can be considered reasonable only if you are counting cards, and you are well aware of the rules of the game. However, you should not forget about the probability theory, even if the casino gives you all the information about the previous hundred draws — the element of chance remains unchanged.

Another popular strategy is progressive bets. Similar to Martingale, it requires doubling after each unsuccessful turn. In theory, the profit gained from the first win should compensate for all the previous bets that were lost. However, there are two problems. First, there is the possibility of quickly exhausting the limit set at the table or your own bankroll (which is much more likely). Second, the actual winnings you get at the end of the cycle will be extremely small compared to the amount you used to get it.

Practice shows that the simplest option is to stick to one betting strategy, making predictions in favor of the banker or player. In this case, you can decrease the casino’s advantage by making regular profits. However, if you believe in your own luck, you can always bet on a draw in baccarat with a progressive jackpot.


What is the baccarat game?

Baccarat is a popular type of card games available to online casino clients.

What types of bets can be placed on baccarat?

The rules of the game allow players to make three types of bets — on the hand of the player or banker, and on a draw outcome. This feature distinguishes baccarat from the other types of card games and increases the chances of winning.

Is it possible to play baccarat with a live dealer?

Yes, many online casinos in Australia have this option.

What types of baccarat are available?

There are several types of baccarat, which differ in the basic rules and features. The most popular options are Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco.

Is it possible to get a bonus by playing baccarat?

It depends on the provider and the rules of the online casino. Some services offer a game with progressive jackpot, which can be won if the player and the banker have a match of cards.

How to win at online baccarat?

Choose the right strategy based on your playing style. The easiest option is to always bet on the banker’s hand, reducing the casino’s advantage.

Is it possible to play baccarat in demo mode?

Yes, the demo is available for most modern card games, with the exception of the game modes against a real dealer.