5-Reel Pokies

Best 5 Reel Pokies in Australia

One of the most popular gambling products is the 5-reel pokies, familiar to anyone who at least once visited the hall of an Australian casino or discovered sites that provide the opportunity to play slots. The prototype of modern online pokies is an automatic slot machine, created more than a hundred years ago by an inventor from New York. As today, the system provided for the presence of five reels, each of which included a picture of ten playing cards, and the winning combinations were calculated on the basis of classical poker combinations.

Play 5 Reel-pokies Big Red

However, technologies at those times didn’t allow to automate the system of payouts and pokie bonuses. Too many combinations forced the owners of automatic machines to process payments on their own, which was inconvenient because of the active attention from the gambling public. In time, 5-reel pokies gave way to a simpler system developed by Charles Faye — there were only three reels, and the payouts were made automatically. However, the nickname gained from the card theme was firmly established among the players, and today the term has been abandoned to refer to all Aussie 5-reel pokies.

Despite the need for improvement, there still was a lot of interest. In the mid-60’s electronic technologies took the place of the classic machines, and five-reel slots finally entrenched in the world of casino games.

Australian online pokies are still relevant today. This popularity has many reasons — players are offered a variety of subjects, additional bonus features, including multipliers and accumulative jackpots, as well as simple and clear management. A 5-reel online pokies is one of the best options for beginners and experienced players looking to spend a good time with the game, not only for fun, but also for a profit.

Why Play 5 Reel Pokies?

Players who are not very familiar with the mechanics of the gameplay, which is the basis of the 5-reel pokies, may think that winning them is more difficult. In theory, a chain of five identical symbols is less likely to match than a chain of three. And this factor could really affect the success of the game on slot machines of this type, if they were still available only in the mechanical version. However, Australian online pokies are operated by a random number generator, which is corrected by software settings that determine the parameters of dispersion and percentage of return from the sum of bets made. In addition, most 5-reel online pokies calculate winnings starting from three symbols, which also means that the chances of success increase significantly.

Aussies who like gambling prefer to play 5-reel pokies for several reasons. Slots in this category make a variety of gameplay, allowing you to choose the size of the bet and activate a different number of lines that are used to calculate the win-win combination. With a small bankroll you can limit the basic set of five lines, while the maximum rates significantly increase the probability of getting the ultimate win. Manage the gameplay according to the chosen strategy, and you can always count on a pleasant reward.

In addition, modern Aussie pokies online have special symbols that increase the number of possible combinations for winning. Wild and Scatter images not only form prize combinations, but also give you the opportunity to take part in a bonus game, use multipliers and free spins, making bets, the amount of which is not deducted from your bankroll. This option is one of the main sources of income for professional gamblers who choose 5 reel slots for their own benefit.

So, you have already realized that the more reels you have, the more combinations you have and the more likely it is that you will get your money. Do not forget that there are many gaming software producers, and each of them tries to attract gamblers to their slots. You can test each slot without unnecessary investments — play 5 reel free pokies, and use this feature as another advantage. Calculation on a combination of two values, the minimum size of the bet, an increased number of lines, double wild characters, and, of course, a variety of jackpots.

How to play 5-reel pokies

By going online, the modern industry has kept the basic values and traditions of classical gambling. Like a few decades ago, 5-reel online pokies are based on the random number generator system, which provides a random combination every time the slot is running. The player’s goal is to guess the moment when the combination will match, bet on the right line, and get the well-deserved profit. The more lines match, the higher is the payout value. It is easy!

Australian online pokies are popular among players all over the world. You can sort them by provider, or choose only those machines that participate in the progressive jackpot. A demo version is available for each version, allowing novice players to understand the intricacies of the gameplay without using their own bankroll. The principle of the game on virtual credits is no different in terms of the interface or settings for the payout of winnings.

Modern suppliers are trying to diversify the choice of entertainment offered. Today you can try your luck and play 5-reel pokies for real money. Graphics and design are not inferior to AAA-class PC games. A unique story, fascinating gameplay, and the opportunity to win a decent amount of money without much effort — what else could a real gambler need?

There are several tips to increase chances of winning:

  • If the bankroll allows — try to use maxbet, choosing all available lines for calculation of combinations;
  • Choose only proven and reliable services that guarantee not only great winnings, but also the protection of personal data from fraudsters;
  • Use all the bonuses and gifts that the casino offers for playing;
  • Keep an eye on your own account — the gameplay should bring pleasure, not disappointment;
  • When choosing a strategy to play 5-reel pokies — check how it will work in the demo version, so that in the future the game for real money will be more successful.

In addition, experienced players always pay attention to the technical characteristics of the selected slot. Return and dispersion indexes are the key factor for planning the game, so it is worth devoting some time to studying this issue. In modern 5-reel pokies it is easy to find proposals with RTP of 96-98%, which increases the total amount of likely payouts, and based on the dispersion can be understood how often, and in what size the slot will produce winning combinations.

Top 10 5-reel pokies

Aussie online casinos offer a wide range of officially licensed slots that are compliant with international quality standards. Different providers pay attention to various aspects, so it is quite difficult to make the ultimate top 10 of 5-reel pokies. The best solution is to choose the slot machine based on your own priorities, whether it is graphic and sound design, availability of mobile version, interface and bonus features.

Gamblers, who are interested in the availability of an option to win the progressive jackpot, should pay attention to the projects from the largest international providers. These include such famous brands as Mega Moolah by Microgaming, Beach Life by Playtech and Mega Fortune by NetEnt. These 5-reel pokies — a chance to break the real jackpot, which amounts to millions of dollars!

In addition, the top ten should also include slots, which have a high RTP:

  • Alaxe in Zombieland and 9 Masks of Fire by Microgaming;
  • Fistcuffs, Blood Suckers and Dead or Alive by NetEnt;
  • Big Bad Wolf by QuickSpin;
  • Cinerama by Playtech.

Among the variety of Aussie pokies there is entertainment for each player.


Where to play 5-reel pokies?

Aussie online casinos provide you the possibility to play 5-reel pokies from the world’s leading providers. A wide range of options and themes allow finding entertainment for everyone. In Australia, you can legally play free 5-reel online pokies on popular sites, or try your luck and put real money.

How to play 5-reel pokies?

The basic mechanics of playing 5-reel pokies are identical for all online casinos. Run it through any browser, specify the bet amount and the number of active lines — and start playing. You can play 5-reel pokies for real money, or test the slot in the demo version.

What are the top 5-reel pokies?

Some of the well-known brands such as Mega Moolah by Microgaming, Beach Life by Playtech and Mega Fortune by NetEnt are definitely worth mentioning — these gaminators can really turn any player into a millionaire.

Can I play 5-reel pokies for real money?

Yes, in every Australian casino you can play 5-reel pokies for real money. Just make a deposit or activate a free bonus offer.

What are some tips for 5-reel pokies?

For a successful game it is important to carefully study the rules, including the wagering of bonuses. In addition, most slots are more loyal to betting on the maximum line — it is considered that the probability of getting a win-win combination is significantly increased. But perhaps the main advice, which is relevant for all gambling — have fun!